Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Old sketches

Sorry it has been so long since I've posted. The whole point of this blog was to give me something to force me to sketch and sketch and sketch. Life recently has been full of...well... life. Lots of things happening. So this then is an old page out of my sketchbook that I still kinda like (which is quite a rarity let me assure you.) I should be back soon with all new stuff. Enjoy.


Furuya-san said...

I love how you can almost see the thought process (or lack thereof) on the's very 2001: Space Odessy-ish.

*Flash* grunting noises, followed by slight build-up of 2001:SO theme song.

Monkey squeezes banana slightly as music begins to build to climax, camera pans up to and inside monkey's ear.

camera builds speed as music begins crecendo, culminating in sound of record player needle being knocked off record. Que some mindless, generic, uninspired college-rock track, as camera gives panning shot of hamster sitting on couch in front of TV, guzzling beer, the hamster wheel conspicuously dilapidated and unattended in background.

Hamster belches loudly, looking at camera and pontificates, "Whaaat?"

*fade to black*

It's....beautiful man! *sniff*

spike the surf dog said...

You know it's great when some one really gets what I'm trying to say with a piece of art. I was totally going for a hamster on a couch with an unattended wheel in the background, but you don't just want to go out and give it away, you need to make the viewer think. My art has many levels too it, let me tell ya. Now see if you can figure out what I was trying to say with the elephant.