Thursday, October 25, 2007

Day of the Dead

I really ssem to love all that Day of the Dead stuff. This is a study for a painting I am working on (and by working on I mean painting for maybe an hour a week when I find the time and/or energy) I'll post the final painting when I'm done with it. for now you get this. enjoy.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

I told you there would be more of these

Here's yet another gator. I gotta tell you, I absolutely love doing these things. I don't know what it is about the gators that I really just love to draw. Oh well. I'll try and get to some more clue characters as well here soon. I've also wanted to do some halloween themed stuff, but I've been doing some freelance work as well that's been limiting my time. We'll see what I can get to. Enjoy.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Gator 3

Here's another one of my gators. I realize that this one looks alot like the one from Peter Pan but honestly that gator was so cool looking how could I not draw at least one that looked like him. Enjoy.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Mr. Green

Here's another clue character. This one is a little more thrown together than the last two. However I think that Col. Mustard and Miss Scarlet are the coolest characters. I'll do my best with the remaining char's. Enjoy.

Gator 2

See I promised there would be more of these. There are actually about 20 more in my sketchbook as well. I keep drawing them during our daily meetings here at work. They're really a blast. Enjoy.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Wow, it's been forever hasn't it? Sorry abou that. I have been meaning to finish up that whole Clue thing. this is a drawing I did back when I did the Col. Mustard drawing and just never colored it up for you all. Well here you go. I'll try and get on the rest of them too. Sorry again. I'll start posting more often. Enjoy.

The first of many gators!

One of my favorite books that I own is called "Insanely Twisted Rabbits" by Michel Gagne. I love love love love love that book. What Michel did was while he was working at Don Bluth Animation studios, he and a friend of his started drawing these twisted rabbits. They would post them up on their walls and then try and outdo each other. Much later Michel took his rabbits and put them together and published them as a book. You should really go check them out, they are wonderful you should go to to check out all of his great work. I love the book because it kind of breaks the mold on what a rabbit can be. I pull the book out whenever I feel I am in an artistic rut. If I feel I keep doing the same drawings and using the same shapes, this book makes me go beyond and explore new things. That being said I decided to do my own version of this book. Only instead of rabbits I am doing aligators. I love drawing aligators. If I'm bored and can't think of something to draw I can always, always draw an aligator (ask my wife, she's seen plenty of them). So I've decided to have an entire sketckbook full of nothing but aligators and have fun doing different shapes and styles. So this is the first of many many gators that I am doing and having fun with. I hope you like them. I certainly enjoy doing them. Enjoy.