Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The first of many gators!

One of my favorite books that I own is called "Insanely Twisted Rabbits" by Michel Gagne. I love love love love love that book. What Michel did was while he was working at Don Bluth Animation studios, he and a friend of his started drawing these twisted rabbits. They would post them up on their walls and then try and outdo each other. Much later Michel took his rabbits and put them together and published them as a book. You should really go check them out, they are wonderful you should go to to check out all of his great work. I love the book because it kind of breaks the mold on what a rabbit can be. I pull the book out whenever I feel I am in an artistic rut. If I feel I keep doing the same drawings and using the same shapes, this book makes me go beyond and explore new things. That being said I decided to do my own version of this book. Only instead of rabbits I am doing aligators. I love drawing aligators. If I'm bored and can't think of something to draw I can always, always draw an aligator (ask my wife, she's seen plenty of them). So I've decided to have an entire sketckbook full of nothing but aligators and have fun doing different shapes and styles. So this is the first of many many gators that I am doing and having fun with. I hope you like them. I certainly enjoy doing them. Enjoy.

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Robert and Ruth said...

Want to hear some random trivia? Okay, you don't have a choice. Even though a lot of people think that you can distinguish a croc from a gator by their snout shape, the way I was told by my Herpetology professor was that with crocs, some of their bottom teeth are exposed when their mouth is closed. The top jaw has a nick on each side that leaves them exposed. With gators, all you see are the top teeth when their mouth is closed. Sooooo, I'm glad you see you truly drew and alligator.