Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Space Station Tycoon!

This is about the coolest thing in the whole world. Right now you can go over to and see a preview of the game that I am currently working on. IGN is a big game site devoted to giving out the latest dirt on all the hot new games coming your way. On the front page you can scroll through the top stories of the day up at the top and our game is one of those stories. I have been excited about this project for awhile now and I'm happy to see that we've released some info about it. I'm not sure what all I can tell you about the game, but I will say that I was the lead artist on the game and I was able to design all the characters you see. I also got to design the ships and stations as well. The other cool thing is if you read the interview you'll notice that the main character is named Shawn. (Wait a minute, MY first name is Shawn! Coincidence, you be the judge) Anywho the interview is over at Please go over and check it out and let me know what you think. I'll see what art work from the game I can put up here soon. Enjoy.


Stankie said...

That's awesome bro! It's looks great.

Christi said...

Yeah, I read that article and they didn't give YOU any credit, you did all of the visual work on the game, instead they made it sound like a bunch of people did the art and not to mention the hilarious scenes that YOU and Issac wrote, just you two, not "someone at work gets and idea", that someone is always you! You deserve to be mentioned for that alone, not to mention ALL of the art! I'm proud of you!!