Tuesday, November 27, 2007


This one just came out of nowhere. I drew the guy on the left and then the girl on the right just for fun and then I thought "Why are these two just staring at each other?" That's when I drew the guys other arm with a flower in it. Enjoy.


Cazier Craziness said...

Oh so sweet. She's not quite sure about him or the flower.

Zoey said...

Hey Shawn!

I love this drawing! I want to use it as my MySpace background. May I? I wanted to ask before just going ahead and putting it on there. Let me know. No worries if you'd rather I didn't.


spike the surf dog said...

Feel free. it's all yours. Glad you like it.

Boyles Family said...

When I saw this my first thought was, "Oh no, it's your version of your Dad and I!" I love all the stuff on here but I have to I'm your Mother, right? (or am I?) Your amazing, my son!

Anonymous said...

bro. boyles you should totally draw me as a cartoon!!! I WOULD LOVE THAT!

Britni A.