Thursday, February 21, 2008


This was probably the first charcter that we nailed down for the game. There were alot of drawings of this particular guy. We knew we wanted a stag beetle character but we weren't sure exactly what the look of the game was going to be. Once we had this guy nailed down the rest fo the bugs came much easier. He was kind of our guide as to what the look and the feel of the game would be. I also did some of the modeling of this character in 3d. I needed some help cleaning him up in the end and I didn't do the final texturing but I did model him. It took me long enough that they haven't had me do any modeling since. We all play to our strengths and this wasn't mine. So enjoy this one cause it may be the last. Enjoy.

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Jamin LeFave said...

These bugs are great. Your going crazy posting is much as you have been. Keep them coming!