Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Hey ya'll. so I have a new game coming out soon on the Nintendo Wii. It's a Wiiware game which means you buy it online when you plug your wii into the internet. The game is called Boingz and it's alot of fun. I was the concept artist on this project so just about everything you see on the screen I designed. I didn't build it or animate it, but I did draw it all up. Since it's so close to being released I can finally reveal some of the artwork I did for this project. My wife thinks this is some of my best stuff. Most of the art I did involved objects that would populate the background which isn't normally something I like doing, but this world was so weird. It was fun to design a whole Dr. Suessian world. any how, enjoy. there's plenty more of these on the way.

by the way, it seems that everyone liked the first turkey the best. I'm painting him up as we speak. I'll bring it in to show you guys a work in progress shot.

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Peavey said...

I'll definitely be looking for this and will buy the game. Awesome art work.

I love wiiware games!