Monday, September 11, 2006

Blue monster

Here's a quick little monster cketch for you all. Whenever I feel like I'm in a funk and need to draw my way out of it a good goofy monster is just the thing to get me back on track. I also felt like applying some flat color just for fun. Enjoy.

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Furuya-san said...

This guy looks like he's presenting at an AA meeting or something. It's great. *in high-pitched, nasaly voice* "uhhh...ahem...ahhh... Hi. My name is Grag-nork, and I'm a scare-a-holic." *monotone chorus of responding attendees* "Hellloooo Grag-nork" *Grag-nork swallows hard* "Ummmm...I just can't help myself! I just see a closet, and I have to jump out of it. I see a bed, and I have to crawl beneath it and make *sniff* scary noises....I'm so ashamed!!!" *breaks down sobbing*