Thursday, September 14, 2006

Scarrers anonymous

A friend of mine commented on the bluemonster picture I posted earlier this week and said how he looks like a monster standing up at scarrer's anonymous. You know the drill "Hi Im, ____ and I have a problem." I thought the idea was a hoot so I drew another one (complete with name tag) and here he is. I'll probably do some more just for kicks. By the way this is Chad. He has a problem. He likes to hide in kids closets and scare them. Let's all be there to help Chad with this tough period in his life. Enjoy.

1 comment:

A little kid NOT named Isaac said...

Dear Mr Skip the spaceDog,

Monsters are scarry to me, jis lik surfing is a scarey hobby. Can u teech me to surf? cuz spacedogs R not as scary as the serfer kind.

Thnx! I lik ur pics!