Wednesday, October 11, 2006


I hope we've all seen the movie Legend, because it's awesome. I can't watch it and not draw the big bad guy from it. I've probably drawn him 20 times. This time around I decided to draw an older version of him. I mean the movie came out in the mid 80's and I haven't seen this bad guy in any other movies, so I figure he's kind of let himself go a bit. I particularly like the Hello Kitty mug and angel boxer shorts. Enjoy.

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Furuya-san said...

Yes, the Hello Kitty mug and the gi-normous beer gut are fabulous touches...geez, he could probably host a foozball tournament on that thing!
*ala Rain man* Lose weight, yeah, definitely, definitely... definitely needs exercise... Definitely, definitely needs Richard Simmons... definitely, yeah"