Wednesday, October 04, 2006


I love godzilla. what can I say? this was for a fun little thing at work. We were supposed to draw a movie monster and I decided on the big man. I wanted it to have the feel of one of those old black and white Godzilla movies. I even looked up the japanese text that appears on his posters. Enjoy.


Furuya-san said...

Gotta have respect for the Big Then again, you gotta have respect for pretty much anything that's hundreds of feet tall and spews lightning from its mouth, now don't ya? Good job on the rendering!

some little kid said...

mr ichinwa (spike) arigato (surf dog),

U know chineez!?? I'm amAAAAzed.

Anonymous said...

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some little kid said...

Gojira, your my favert power ranger!

Sugar Booger said...

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