Thursday, November 09, 2006

My son

Ok, obviously this isn't my son. Or more accurately this is not my son as he is, but rather as he would like to be. My son is 4, and he loves cars. Not just the movie that just came out on DVD (although he does love that quite a bit) but just cars in general. He owns probably 300 hotwheels cars due mostly to me buying him one everytime we go to Walmart (it's as cheep as a candy bar and lasts alot longer). So we play cars at home and most of his room is taken over by either his hotwheels cars or the various larger car/truck/tractor type vehicles that I or others have given him. Well like I said the pixar movie Cars just came out on DVD and my son is "happy as a tornado in a trailer park" (quote from the movie) and I got to thinking what Lucas would look like if he were in this movie. Well my son runs all over the place and has recently started to climb all over furniture and the unfortunate people that happen to be sitting on it so I made him a jeep. An off road jeep. Why is he yellow you ask? Because I like yellow, plain and simple. The large rearview mirrors were intended to be his ears which stick out of his head. (It's harder to tell the more his hair grows. Anywho, I think I'm going to have to paint this one up for him and frame it for his room (I'll also need to make sure he's wearing a diaper at the time because he just might wet himself.) Enjoy.

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some little kid said...

deer big daddy car the big daddy car,

U mus be a good daddy cuz UR always drawing pictures for your kidz. My daddy draws nuthin but his gun.