Monday, November 27, 2006

Super Heroes

This is a painting I did for my brother in law and his family. Every year on my wife's side of the family we swap names for Christmas to see who is buying for whom. And every year the couple that gets a present from us says to me, "Instead of a present you could just paint us something." Well this is what came of it this year. No I will not be putting up any of the past years paintings, because I am too embarrassed to do so. That's a good thing though right? I mean the fact that I think everything I did last year sucks, means that I am improving, right? Maybe I'm just getting better at seeing what sucks and what doesn't. So enjoy the super hero family while you can cause in a week or two I probably won't like it anymore. Oh and by the way, my brother in law asked that he and his family be turned into super heros. So he, his wife and his three kids all have super powers. You get to decide what those powers are and how they can be used for the good of mankind. Enjoy.

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some little kid said...

Can I B the 1 with the birdhead? I used to have one of those til mom took it. the jerk