Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Elephants on Parade!

So I've started yet another sketchbook. This one has a special purpose. It's my elephant sketchbook. I've done something like this before. The basic idea is to fill a sketchbook with just one animal. This really helps to start understanding the anatomy of the animal and just how far I can push a drawing. It also helps me to make new shapes and take a different approach at things. After I've done 10 or so elephants I start looking for new ways of drawing them, or things I'd missed in the past. It's really alot of fun to try and draw a completely different elephant everyday. Some days work better than others but I'm having alot of fun learning. here's five of the first ones. Plenty more to come. If you really want to see some cool elephant drawings go check out Andrew Shek's blog elephantart.blogspot.com . Gorgeous stuff. Enjoy.


Grogal said...

See Please Here

eel bog said...

Love the last two elephants. They have some great shapes!

spike the surf dog said...

Thanks Elaine. Usually as I get going and learn the anatomy a bit better I start twisting the shapes more and the characters get better.

koalaraptor said...

Amazing use of shape. This is a great idea, and one that I will have to try.... now to decide what animal. Is there any reason you chose an elephant in particular?