Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Happy Cloning Clyde Day!

Happy Cloning Clyde Day everyone! What's Cloning clyde you ask? Why it's the day that the latest greatest videogame ever was released to the public (today!). Mark this day on your calenders. It's one of those moments that will be forever in your memory and you'll want to know where you were at that moment. Man lands on the moon, O. J. Simpson makes a break for it, and now the release of Cloning Clyde. Seriously though it's a really cool game out for the Xbox 360. It's the type of game that if you have an Xbox you need to buy, and if you don't have an xbox then you need to buy one just to get this game. Incedently I did a bit of concept work for the game. Despite that however, it looks great and is alot of fun. It's about a dumb guy off the street who agrees to some to undergo experiments for $20 and after the cloning machine they are testing on him goes awry he decides to escape from said institution. Wacky hi-jinks ensue and all that jazz.

This marks the second game to be released that I have worked on. On the first I got in on the tail end of the project and then this one only needed a little of my help to get going. I have worked on some games that I did the majority of the art for them. Sadly they have not yet been released. Fear not gentle reader, they will. They will. Till then we all have cloning clyde to make our lives a little better.

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