Tuesday, July 18, 2006

The Surf Dog

I decided the first thing to do with this blog is to have a mascot. Surf dog is actually pretty old and has appeared in various versions in quite a few illustrations that almost no one has seen. For those of you whoaren't my family and don't know where Surf dog came from (and I hope some day more people than just my family will be reading this) I will tell you. When I was 19 my family took a vacation to ?Hawaii and me and my Dad learned to suf from a guy who called himself Spike the Surf Dog. I had never heard somebody actually pray for Groovy waves before. A couple years later I needed an email address and after a few failed attempts at something else fun and witty I tried spikethesurfdog and to my delight no one had already taken it. (By the way if the real spike the surf dog wants it back I'm more than willing to relinquish it. I'd hate to steal a cool name like that. However, so far I think he's still out there on his groovy waves and he's ok with it.) Anyways the name has stuck. So here's Surfdog. Long may he...uh...surf?

By the way. Surf dog is a pug dog. What other kind of dog would he be?


b said...

Just stumblede on your blog, thought the timage pretty fetching - but waht came first? The Pug dog, or the term pugnacious?

Angus the Scotsman said...

Hey Spike, check out this site!


Anonymous said...

he doesn't look like a pug - he looks like a bulldog.