Wednesday, July 19, 2006

My wife decided last night that this week should be SurfDog week, meaning that all of my sketches and what not will have that in common. This doesn't mean a week of pug dogs in cool shorts (not that that would be a bad thing) for you see there are many sides to spike the surf dog. Some of them dark, very dark and know..creepy. I'll try not to scare anyone with those picturs. We'll stick to the lighter side of Surf dog. On that note this is another incantation of Surf dog. Most people don't know that he is also a lucha libre wrestler. And yes, before you mention anything, I've told him that his outfit has nothing to do with the DOG part of Spike the Surf dog. Let me tell you, he din't like that at all and I've got quite a few bruises to prove it. So we'll just assume there's something inherently doggish about him and call it good. By the way if anyone has any ideas about Spike the Surf Dog related pictures I could draw this week I'm all ears (or, well I guess eyes, seeing as how I won't hear your ideas but more accurately read them). Anyhow, enjoy.


Dave Stankiewicz said...

I like it. Maybe you can draw Spike wrestling Nacho Libre?

Larry Hartzell said...

Liking it must have been inspired...By the way, when can we see more of your concept art??